Perfectly imperfect (Introduction)

As a holistic life coach, I’ve been fascinated by human and human behaviours and I want to use this podcast to explore with you what makes us human because when we go through challenging times, we tend to think that we are on our own and we forget that others experience the same at a different level and in different forms but we’re all connected in some way.

Why the name ‘Holy me’ podcast?

Besides the fact that all the 30 ideas I got were either taken or very similar to existing podcasts, I wanted this name to be also connected with my initial activity and name which is Holywhat? Holistic! and I wanted to keep this holistic approach in the name itself.

What I like about ‘holy’ is that it refers to something a bit spiritual but also unique, special and beautiful in the end. 

I want to share with you my thoughts and experience and even my tips that I use for myself for that also recommend to my clients to accept ourselves more because I believe the world could be a better place if we would simply accept more who we are. 

As you may have understood, I’m a big advocate of self-acceptance.

This is one of my main values along with authenticity, kindness, compassion and I’m a bit hesitant on this one because I would say I could also be a bit cheesy or idealistic. I don’t know. I don’t even know if I can say cheesy is a value but I will let you decide on this. 

Because I’m a big advocate of self-acceptance, this first episode came naturally as a first podcast episode, because it’s far from being perfect, there is a lot of room for improvements – I’ve started to record this episode already too many times. 

Accepting not to be perfect

As you may have noticed I’m French so speaking English is for me an exercise. I also hesitated about the language to choose for this podcast until I realised I can’t even speak perfectly French so it might be even easier in English in a foreign language because it’s my accepted to make mistakes. 

This podcast will definitely be imperfect, this episode will be very imperfect and so I thought it was the best example of illustrating the idea and the concept of being perfectly imperfect.

it’s not so much about celebrating the fact that we are not perfect but more about accepting that we are not.

We are all unique, we have our own set of skills, strengths, qualities and shortcomings, which is ok because this is what makes you ‘you’: unique and beautiful.

I’m aware that this message is not new, you may have heard it many times already especially if you’re into personal development but I do believe that more people need to hear it so there’s nothing wrong with another episode about it.

So because you’re unique, you’re also beautiful. And if you think ‘Oh well, I’m far from being beautiful. When I look at myself in the mirror, all I can see is an ugly person.” I stop right here because being beautiful is not only related to your physical appearance but also to your personality traits. 

No matter what you might be thinking at the moment, I’d like to ask you to set aside your self-criticism for a little while, at least for the duration of this podcast, and to listen to what I have to say.

Overcoming our inner self-critic

Our self-talk, or to some extent ourselves, we are our own worst enemy.

I can think of a friend who often says out loud ‘Oh, I’m so stupid because I did this’, or ‘Oh, I never understand that, I’m so stupid”

This is only the tip of the iceberg because if she says something like that to me, while she knows me I won’t even judge her so it’s just the way she speaks to herself, I can’t imagine what she might be thinking all day long about herself.

The problem with the inner self-talk is that the more we say or think something, the more we reinforce the belief. 

That’s why I would advise you to pay attention to what you say to yourself.

We would, and you would be much happier if you would embrace who you are with your strengths and weaknesses.

I know it’s easier said than done, but it will also make your life easier.

Being perfect by definition, or interpretation – not sure how to put it – is something that is impossible. We are human, and humans are imperfect, we have our strengths and weaknesses, one doesn’t go without the other. Your weaknesses are what make you human, so you can’t get rid of them. You don’t want to despise them either or ignore them, but simply acknowledge that they exist, part of you. You could see them as opportunities for improvement although  I’m more and more skeptical about the idea of always improving, fixing, and getting better at something. It feels like a lot of pressure and a never-ending pursuit. 

Unless it makes you feel happier, let go and just release that pressure. You don’t need that.

I wanted to share with you what I also try to apply to myself, especially in the recent past months, and that might be the tip of this episode.

Building upon your strengths

So what I like to do or try to do as I said is to build upon my strengths. As I said about the weaknesses earlier I won’t necessarily despise them, but just accept that they’re here and stop, or try to stop blaming myself.

I can give you one very specific example about building upon our strengths: this podcast.

This podcast is the result of feedback from people I got in touch with in the past months, who complimented me about my voice.

This was something really new and I guess this is because I was new on Instagram and getting to know people and exchanging voice messages that some people heard before getting to know me. When you don’t have the image, the voice matters more – more in the sense that it matters more than in real-life situations.

It got me thinking: there may be something to do with my voice, I could use it for something.

I’ve been also very active on Instagram in the past months but I’ve also been a bit frustrated to be limited with the character limits of the posts. 

That’s how I thought I will need another format to delve deeper into topics and this is how the podcast idea came to life.

This exercise is really new to me. 

I also know that I like talking to people.

I don’t necessarily dislike my voice so the exercise has been pretty easy so far and we’ll see about your feedback.

A spontaneous idea I just got is that there is nothing wrong with you acknowledging some of your strengths. There’s nothing wrong with admitting and celebrating your qualities. It’s not about bragging either. it’s really about highlighting your strengths, because why not?!

We are all different, we all have different qualities and if we would all explore them and develop them, we could really bring something to the world.

That might be also a way of being all connected and complementing one another. 

This is a thought I didn’t jot down on my notes, so it’s a very spontaneous idea. I invite you to let me know what you think about this. 

Sometimes I also consider the idea that building upon our strengths, accepting our weaknesses is the way forward to happiness, but sometimes I get to think that happiness maybe being comfortable with who we are and just be.

And by being I mean being perfectly imperfect.

Don’t hesitate to let me know what you think. Give me your feedback because your feedback matters and I will be very happy to improve and not make it perfect but just make it a bit nicer and better.

Take care, and we speak soon :*

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