When decision making is difficult

I want to share something without knowing exactly what or where it will lead.

Right now, I’m facing a choice, or better said a decision to make, and this isn’t easy. This is something that I’ve been trying to ignore so hard in the past months, but that is now about to blow into my face if I don’t take any action.

Deep inside, but not too deep anymore, I know the decision I should make.

My heart has been telling me that a certain situation isn’t good for me anymore while my mind has been working on convincing myself otherwise.

Now my body is sending me the same message than my heart. I clearly feel the body-spirit connection. They are now two against one, and my mind is slowly giving up. Usually, until the morning after.

This has been going on for a few weeks now: I end up making that decision towards the end of the day. The assurance is still fragile, I can tell. Then, I go to sleep and when I wake up the morning after, I’ve changed my mind and I’m pretty strong about it. I feel much more convinced that what my mind tells me is the right thing to do, while my heart has been completely shut down over the night; until the next event will trigger the emotion once again.

Transformational life journey

I just read a post about the transformational journey and it resonated so much. When we are at a crossroads in our life, it may feel like a certain situation is the end of the world, the end of a familiar environment we know too well. We fear the worst while forgetting to consider that it could also be the beginning of something extraordinary. Who knows? Do you?

We never know what is waiting for us at the corner. Why should it be that bad after all? Why should we always live in fear? The fear of something worst while we’re persisting in living a situation that clearly doesn’t make us happy anymore. What is there to lose? The best could also happen to us!

For it to happen, we need to make space for it to manifest n our life. I like the example of a toxic relationship: How can we expect to find a better partner if we persist in that dysfunctional relationship?

If I understood it correctly, the transformational journey is about letting go, going toward the unknown and discover strengths we didn’t even suspect we had. Picture a butterfly after the metamorphosis. I like this image a lot. It’s inspiring.

So, you may ask yourself where this article is going? (I know, right, so many questions!)

Checking on yourself with this simple question: WHY?

Why am I doing this?

When you feel lost and don’t know what decision you should make, the first question to ask yourself is “Why?”. This enables to check on yourself and connect to your heart again. Of course, you can go on with your check-up with many others:

  • Is this helping me and supporting the person I want to become?
  • Is this adding value to my life?
  • Is this helping me feel happier?
  • Is this helping me grow?

There is no “No, but … ” answer allowed. You should be honest with ourselves because no one else will do it.

It’s now time to be honest, true to yourself, and straight forward. Put your mask down. It’s okay, you’re safe here.

Then, of course, if you need to have more specific answers, you can ask yourself more open questions such as:

  • What did I enjoy today and what will I enjoy tomorrow?
  • How do I feel my main goal is progressing? Why?

Writing your ideas down to declutter your mind

Don’t hesitate to list your feelings, hurdles, and obstacles you feel are holding you back. Sometimes writing things down helps to see a situation with more clarity. Your mind can easily get cluttered. Write, write, write. Don’t censor yourself, you’ve been doing it for too long.

If you feel that listing pros and cons would help you, just do it. Look at the results. How do YOU feel about it? Is the perspective of getting out of that situation makes you feel relieved? Does it put a smile on your face?

If so, then the rest will unfold. I’m not saying that a little fairy will organize everything for you and that it will be a smooth transition, but once you’ll reach your decision, you will take action accordingly.

Bisous :*

PS: Writing this article helped me to feel even more determined than ever in my choice. Hopefully, my mind won’t highjack me during the night! 😉

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