Clients' testimonials

Testimonials of past coaching clients

I believe that the best persons to talk about my services and my approach are those who experienced them. You’ll find below testimonials of my past clients.

As you will notice, my coachings my differ in terms of number of sessions and length, so get in touch with me if you would like personalised coaching services.

Charlotte G. - France

12 coaching sessions - 3 months

I chose to start the 12 weeks coaching program with Camille because I was having some difficulties reaching an important goal and I needed support to go through this challenge.
Working with Camille was a great experience, she gave me the support, openness and kindness that I needed to achieve my goal.

I was feeling stuck and her help gave me the strength to move forward and to overcome the obstacles I faced.

Her coaching had a great impact on me, giving me more confidence on my personal journey.

I would definitely recommend her to anyone who needs a coach. It was amazing working with her toward my goals.

Thanks again Camille, I am really grateful you supported me in this journey 🙂

Céline B. - France

6 coaching sessions - 2 months

Now I feel powerful and in charge!

I really loved your approach, digging with questions to make me realize what I knew deep down, but wouldn’t admit. Guiding me but still letting me find my own answers (this is even more powerful and rewarding, as I understand now how to handle these situations in the future).

I feel as well that to be held accountable by having challenges to complete every week made me shift from passivity to action.

Your bubbly personality, your smile, and your kindness helped me feel at ease through this experience. This was a smooth and happy transition to the next chapter of my life! You made it look easy!

Jemma G. - UK

5 coaching sessions - 2 months

My coaching time with Camille has been absolutely transformative!!

I started my first session with a clear view of what I wanted to achieve but absolutely no idea or self-belief that I could get there.

Camille had such a wonderful and calming nature that opening up to her was so natural and easy which helped us both work together to resolve my underlying issues with ease.

The sessions have really helped me gain a better perspective of how I’m feeling, what my triggers are and most importantly, how to deal with them or avoid them altogether.

My mental health has improved greatly just by following some simple guidance given that was easy to fit into my everyday life.

I cannot thank or recommend Camille enough for all her time, energy and efforts xxx

Hanae E. - Maroc

4 coaching sessions - 1 month

It was a great experience working with Camille, she was so kind, calm and very patient. She makes you feel understood, you’ll never feel judged, she holds space to you so you can express yourself so freely. 

She asks the right questions and lets you gain a new perspective about the situation. The sessions were so soothing, calming and with a lot of AHA moments. 

She makes you feel more at ease with yourself and with her tools and techniques, you will start to see progress in a positive way. 

She has a very soothing energy and voice that’s why I think she would be great at recording meditations, podcasts… I will be the first one to listen to them. Thank you 

Louis D. - France

one-shot session of 1h30

Before our session, I was really curious to know what was going to be Camille’s action in my life. How was she going to be able to resolve what I was unable to accomplish in my own life?
And then we talked. For an hour and a half. Camille was only asking me questions, and me answering. Taking back my words and putting them in front of me.

Before I understood what was going on, I had found the solutions myself and made commitments.

It’s like a breath of fresh air, a trigger for motivation. The realization that only you can make a difference in your own life, the realization that the barriers were put up by none other than yourself. And that no one other than oneself can move them for us.

It’s as if I was stuck in a ditch, and Camille appeared above me and showed me that I had installed a rope to get out of this hole, and that I was able from the beginning to go back up and resume my way.

Today I kept my commitments, but above all I know that it is up to me to move forward, that I am the only one who can make a difference in my life.

So THANK YOU, Camille, thank you for your kindness, your absence of judgment and your gentleness.

Even if you think you are well, get in touch with Camille, you will inevitably unlock something stuck in you, or you will find the motivation that you lacked to finally dare to do what you wanted.

Sarah G. - Canada

One-shot session of 1h30​

My session with Camille was amazing!

She helped me gain clarity on what I want to do next with my business projects and how to put them into place. She also helped me get past some limiting beliefs/fears I had and which were stopping me from moving forward.

I’ve been following her for a while and I love her content, and this session confirmed how amazing she is!

I TOTALLY recommend working with her!

Alexandru I. - Roumanie

One-shot session of 1h30​

After a coaching session with Camille, I became more aware and confident in my own powers, I’ve realized that I’m on the right track but more effort and commitment are needed on my side.

She’s a great listener, very patient, and attentive to details.

It was a great experience to have Camille as my coach. Thank you!

Matteo E. - Malte

4 coaching sessions - 1 month

Camille’s demeanour makes it easy to become comfortable with her from the outset. She’s constantly smiling and laughing and speaks softly.

She always gave me the platform to speak- she never interrupted and constantly relayed my thoughts back to me in clearer, more concise way.

Valérie-Anne F. - France

One-shot session of 1h30

As well as being very helpful, Camille is smiley, very nice and listening and she has very strong analytical and problem-solving skills.

I would definitely recommend her as a coach. Thank you Camille!

Sima D. - Taïwan

3 coaching sessions - 1 month

Camille is a great listener.

The coaching sessions help me face my negative thoughts and setup my goal in a hard time of my life.

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