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(Re)discover, accept and love yourself to live a more serene & fulfilled life

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Life and self-love coaching services

I help and support women who lack self-confidence to be kinder to themselves and live a more fulfilling life.

Whether you need to gain some clarity about a specific situation or you want deeper, long-lasting changes, I offer different coaching services from a one-shot session to a 3-month self-love coaching program.

My services and offers are customizable to you to accommodate your needs best.

We can meet online or in-person if you live on Saõ Miguel island, Azores.

Hello, I’m Camille

As a certified Holistic Life Coach & Mind-Body Practitioner, and a personal development enthusiast, I specialised in self-love to help women who lack self-confidence to know themselves better, accept who they are and be kinder to themselves.

Whether you struggle with managing your stress, your emotions or your inner critic, you’re not alone.

This was also my case (and it still happens to me sometimes) and that’s why I started doing this coaching work and I keep learning about techniques and tools such as self-compassion and mindfulness.

Through my experience and my toolbox, I am better equipped to help you improve your sense of self and live a more fulfilled life.

Client’s love

“My coaching time with Camille has been absolutely transformative!!”

Jemma G.
(5 sessions)

Discover my podcast – Holy me

The holistic life-coaching podcast that helps you move from self-criticism to self-acceptance!

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