Self-care Sunday: 7 activity ideas to recharge

The term self-care Sunday is quite straightforward, so let’s get to the most important question: when was the last time you took some time for yourself?

With this busy hectic life most of us know, recharging our batteries seems like the Graal, but it’s a necessity with regards to holistic wellness.

Taking some time off will keep you going and allow you start the new week refreshed.

Of course, the time you can dedicate depends on your situation. Ideally, you have about 16 hours to enjoy, but it doesn’t have to be to get the benefit of this self-care day. Even a 30-minute session can make a lot of difference.

Why is self-care Sunday important?

Self-care Sunday is literally pressing pause to date yourself. Because you deserve love and attention as much as your loved ones do. It is now time to put yourself first.

To name but a few reasons, taking care of your help:

  • reduce stress
  • maintain emotional health
  • keeping a good work-life balance
  • reconnect with your inner self

First and foremost: change your words

This is something that should be banished from our vocabulary in general, but even more on Sundays:

  • I should …
  • I have to …
  • I need to …

Forget about them. There is no obligation and the day is yours. Just go with the flow, just like when you were a kid during holidays, excited to start the day to do only what you want, only because you want it, not because you think you should or it would be nice if …

No work allowed

I felt I had to mention it, in case you think it’s a negociable.

Whether you couldn’t complete all your tasks or answer all your emails last Friday, write down what you need to do first thing Monday morning and that’s it. Work should remain at work.

If you’re working from home, try to have a dedicated space for it, so that your personal time doesn’t mingle with your working time.

If you’re your own boss, I understand that you don’t follow the 9-5 routine job and you may have forgotten what weekends mean, but still.

Don’t burn out, this is a well-invested time. You will be even more productive in starting the new week recharged. This is also when you disconnect that you can get the best ideas.

But hey, no pressure 😉

7 activities for a relaxing self-care Sunday

Self-care Sunday is just about you. If you’re not used to it, it can be confusing or even scary: what will you do with this time for yourself?

Without you ending up writing a to-do list for the things you want to do during your time off, here are a few ideas of activities to unwind, recharge, and enjoy your self-care Sunday.

1. Be unproductive

As we said earlier, no to-do list, no work, “no-nothing” as my boyfriend would say.

Just be and do whatever you feel like. It doesn’t have to be informative or teach you a new skill.

Binge a series, watch Bridget Jones for the 22nd times, bake a cake, lose yourself watching kitten videos or flat earth theories; anything that makes you feel good and help you disconnect with your daily life.

2. Declutter

Tired of seeing your worn out clothes every time you open your closet (which is probably everyday). This one isn’t about being productive but making space inside and outside. The things we know we should do, but we don’t still occupy space in our mind, and in our physical space.

It’s time. Take that former white now grey short out from the hanger and put it in a bag you will give to charity.

You don’t have to declutter your whole wardrobe – summer and winter seasons alike (unless that would make you feel awesome), it can be that one particular item you feel bad about everytime you look at it.

It can also be your mailbox. What happened that you have ended up with 1376 unread emails? The unsubscribe button is often 2 taps away.

(The mailbox example may sound out of place, but if you’re a decluttering fan, I guarantee you that it feels really good and brings mental clarity – besides being good for the environment too).

3. Connect with nature

Depending on where you work during the week, you may need to reconnect to nature to feel energized again. It’s also great to change the environment during the weekend to really disconnect and unplug with your daily life.

I notice it more and more, maybe due to the current global situation. I sometimes even feel that I’m about to cry when I finally find myself surrounded by nature. It would be like coming home, realizing how much I missed it.

4. Slow down

No alarm, no list, weekends, and especially Sundays, should turn out into a marathon. Remember, you’re supposed to recharge and relax.

Take your time in the morning. Prepare a delicious breakfast or even brunch. There is no schedule, no obligation.

Of course, if you’re invited for lunch to your family in law, well … make sure to keep a slot for yourself, whether before or after for the things you really want, but not necessarily the things you have to do.

5. Spend some quality me-time

I’m a big BIG fan of me-time. I haven’t looked if there is a proper definition for it, although I’m sure Urban dictionary must have one, but I picture me-time like some kind of bubble you can retreat. No distraction from the outside world, only you dating yourself.

Edit! I had to look it up otherwise you could have thought that I’m not serious about it, or just too lazy, or both.

Anyway: me-time is

One’s own personal time to be alone

Urban Dictionary

It can be taking a long relaxing bath with a candle and bath salt, doing a face-mask, polishing your nails. Of course, it’s not all about skincare, beauty, and pampering, but honestly, when was the last time you got a massage?


Read the book that you didn’t have time to open during the week, go for a walk with yourself, or even this coffee shop you love. It’s about doing what you love, what connects you to your spirit, without anyone around to interfere with this connection.

6. Create a cozy atmosphere

Relax and stimulate your senses with a candle, some enscent or even an aromatherapy diffuser.

This is something I especially like towards the end of the day, to fight the Sunday blues feeling. I create a nice atmosphere while I lay on the sofa with a super soft blanket and read a book.

Falling asleep is also allowed. Actually, napping could also be an item of this list on its own.

7. Connect with others

Taking care of yourself doesn’t necessarily mean that you should lock yourself inside, stay away from the outside world and ingest the key (although it can be if this is what you need).

Connecting with others, positive and empowering friends, or your loved ones simply brings joy to your life. Take time to nurture your close relationships.

Self-care Sunday, a necessity

Convinced? I hope so! There are soooo many ways to enjoy some time with yourself. These are just ideas, but I’m sure you’ll find you own way to create yours.

Again, self-care Sunday is not a must and it doesn’t have to happen Sundays, otherwise, it would be contra-productive, but I highly recommend you to give it a try.

Remember that taking time for yourself isn’t selfish, on the contrary. By recharging your batteries you will shine brighter and bring even more to others and to the world.

Bisous :*

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